The pottery of the Andalusian city of Ubeda was already famous in the sixteenth century: the original ceramic techniques from the much earlier persian pottery "quebri" of the centuries IX and X are still present today. His drawings and decorations of metal oxides in greens and blues have gone through many ways, from their original forms, to its junction with North African culture introduced by Arabs.

Throughout the history of pottery of Ubeda and technic which takes many forms, more or less intensity in their production, continue to hold. In Ubeda also styled excised vessels with designs reminiscent of the late Bronze Age techniques and other embroidered or decorated too simple smooth or blasted. From plates and bowls or other forms whose names are significant sources of clear echoes stale arabic-andalusian worked by the old system of “urdido”. We are at last, with a world of Mediterranean cultures that have gradually been formed in the artisan workshops of Ubeda.